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Quick review of the movie "Deep Underwater" (Underwater)

Martin Scorsese has just encountered the scandal due to the evaluation of Marvel movies, but he has also continued to show his influence with the new film with the film The Irishman. continue to get the same criminal theme as "Goodfellas", "The Departed" or "Taxi Driver" in the year.

In fact, Martin has also voiced the issue that the audience step is no longer watching real works of cinema in this day and age. Most of them are franchised works to serve the needs of producers and give the audience what they need. This causes many current films to lose their creativity, the core of their content is to convey a specific message to viewers.

And the sadder thing is that the longer the films, the more difficult the theater because they have to negotiate screenings to ensure profitability for theater systems. So Martin was very grateful to Netflix for giving him the opportunity to make The Irishman, a 209-year-long, record-breaking film in the last 20 years.


The Irishman is set in the 50s and 60s of the United States. The period when Italian-American Mafia gangs were very active, capturing both the government and the big businesses. Our main character is Frank Sheeran (Robert De Niro), a truck driver who suddenly becomes a "painter" - slang of mafia assassins because every time he kills a victim, the blood will be dyed red. . He works for boss Russell Buffalino (Joe Pesci) and later has a genuine job in the Teamsters union thanks to working for president Jimmy Hoffa (Al Pacino)

One of the indispensable features in Martin's films is that his story is always associated with real historical events. He could not alter the truth the way Quentin was but instead told it more satirically.

About the first half of the film was when the audience was introduced to important milestones in American history at that time as the union began to terrorize, destroy each other by means of bombing, taxi breaking ... Even even willing to collude with Mafia gangs to manipulate the market and control the government.

For example, sending Kennedy to the presidency is also a carefully calculated arrangement from the gangs to ensure the safety of casino systems, hotels ... Then the Wartergate scandal, the Gulf event. The Pig or the Kennedy assassination are all fully recalled in The Irishman.

Everything is told very slowly under Frank's narration through the gangster-style movie language, the mafia has been captivating generations of people. Therefore, although a lot of things are even strange to the current audience, the film still has a special charm, bringing viewers to immerse themselves in the dark, turbulent underworld covered by power and money.

Acting is the key to the success of The Irishman. Therefore Martin had to beg hard to invite three veteran actors to appear in his work. The first is about Joe Pesci's Russell, who retired but because of his long friendship with Martin, he got involved in the film, although not completely happy. Yet he once again made the whole movie world admire the excellent performance of a Mafia boss.

Russell's appearance is only a small man, if killed by any assassin, he will die within 1 note. However, it is the way of running the gang and turning around in the relationship that is what makes Russell gain respect and awe.

Russell is a strategic master who can see beyond everything and be ready to let his opponents, even his friends, slaughter each other but no one knows the pulling string behind him. He always had a gentle, knowledgeable and considerate manner as a teacher, a father but had the merciless and deliberate head of a predator.

The role of union president Jimmy Hoffa of Al Pacino is a relatively easy play compared to the capacity of Al Pacino. A hot-tempered, arrogant but always trustworthy man. The image of Jimmy in the movie is worth learning in many aspects of business but is an example for people to consider carefully once they have links to the criminal world.

As for Frank, the backbone character of The Irishman was entrusted to Robert De Niro and he proved to be no more perfect. Frank is a person with a simple mind and an emotionless heart. This inadvertently makes him a powerful tool for gangs to be able to purge each other without even shaking their hands. A gun, several bullets, and someone lay down.

Killing in The Irishman is shown from Frank's perspective, it's like a business deal. If you do well, you will reward, and if you do not succeed, you will definitely be punished. And the fake has to pay sometimes not only for one's own life but also for the family.